The EZ Saliva-IITM has been well engineered and is a patented product.

‍As Quick As A 30 Second Screen

With the proprietary EZ Solution™ and a single swab to collect the saliva sample, screening can be as quick as 30 seconds.

Results, As Quick As 5 Minutes

For both the EZ Saliva-ITM and the EZ Saliva-IITM you can receive results in as quick as 5 minutes.

3rd Party Tested for Accuracy

The EZ Saliva-ITM and EZ Saliva-IITM have been 3rd party tested to be 99% accurate compared to lab confirmations.

HR & Pre-employment

The EZ Saliva-II is portable, ergonomic, and easy to use allowing you to bring drug testing to any location.

Routine and random testing will now be completely in your control. Having truly random testing will cultivate a culture of sobriety at any job site.

The EZ Saliva-II provides lab-backed results, allowing you to take immediate action with pre-employment prospects.

Post Incident

Getting accurate results in as little as 10 minutes gives your company vital information after any accident or incident in question.

Our tamper-proof device combined with a screen and a lab confirmation gives you the assurance that your results are fast & accurate.

Construction and manufacturing

The EZ Saliva-II eliminates the need to occupy a restroom for a drug test.

The easy-to-use saliva-based test allows for a less intrusive collection method and its portability speeds up the process of random drug testing and allows you to take the test to any job site.

Law Enforcement

The EZ Saliva-II saliva sample is collected in plain view creating a clear chain of custody and completely eliminating the need for bathrooms.

Tampering is virtually impossible with the patented locking mechanism that cannot be opened unless by an authorized laboratory technician.

EZ Saliva-II


The world's only saliva-based split-sample drug test.

The EZ Saliva-II has a 30-second collection time to provide instant screen results in as little as 5 minutes. It can also be sent to our lab for a lab confirmation, all with just one sample.

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"This product has made drug testing in our company so much more easier and quicker. I now have more time to do other priorities and get things done."

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"This has been the best drug and best experience we've ever had and used."

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"This has been the best drug and best experience we've ever had and used."

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