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The EZ Saliva-ITM has been well engineered and is a patented product.

As Quick As A 30 Second Screen

With the proprietary EZ Solution™ and a single swab to collect the saliva sample, screening can be as quick as 30 seconds.

Results, As Quick As 5 Minutes

For both the EZ Saliva-ITM and the EZ Saliva-IITM you can receive results in as quick as 5 minutes.

3rd Party Tested for Accuracy

The EZ Saliva-ITM and EZ Saliva-IITM have been 3rd party tested to be 99% accurate compared to lab confirmations.

EZ Saliva-I


The world’s fastest and most hygienic drug test.

The EZ Saliva-I is a saliva-based rapid drug screen that only takes 30 seconds to collect a saliva sample and provides results in as little as 5 minutes.


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