The EZ Saliva-ITM has been well engineered and is a patented product.

‍As Quick As A 30 Second Screen

With the proprietary EZ Solution™ and a single swab to collect the saliva sample, screening can be as quick as 30 seconds.

Results, As Quick As 5 Minutes

For both the EZ Saliva-ITM and the EZ Saliva-IITM you can receive results in as quick as 5 minutes.

3rd Party Tested for Accuracy

The EZ Saliva-ITM and EZ Saliva-IITM have been 3rd party tested to be 99% accurate compared to lab confirmations.

EZ Saliva-I


The world’s fastest and most hygienic drug test.

The EZ Saliva-I is a saliva-based rapid drug screen that only takes 30 seconds to collect a saliva sample and provides results in as little as 5 minutes.

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See What People Are Saying

"The EZ Saliva II has leveled up the expectations at our worksites. Now that people know they can get drug tested at any moment, no one bothers to show up to the worksite if they're impaired."

Adam Anderson

Koch Mechanical

"Keele Medical has been a great experience. They're very knowledgeable about the products and how to use them. Working with Julie has made it easy to implement saliva testing in our company."

Linda Thompson

Spitzer Autoworld

"This is the coolest thing I've seen in Toxicology in the past 30 years."

Ed Bennett

Rapid Response Drug Testing