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Introducing the world’s only
split-sample saliva-based drug test.

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We’ll do the testing for you
so you can focus on what matters most

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Creating safer communities by providing
innovative healthcare solutions.

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EZ Saliva-ITM

The world's most hygenic drug screen
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EZ Saliva-IITM

The world's only saliva-based split-sample drug test

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We'll take care of everything, so you can focus on what you need to do
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We don’t allow jealousy in our company because we are working towards a mission that’s bigger than ourselves. We believe that everyone benefits from the success of ‘the one’ whether that’s within our company or within our communities.”
- Nate Keele, CEO
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Our Mission
We create safer communities
by providing innovative healthcare solutions.
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Revolutionize healthcare by cultivating relationships through innovation, transparency, and ethics.

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